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We are the one-stop shop for all things concrete in Lexington, KY. We do patios, driveways and RV pads! But can we also install a backyard kitchen? Yes indeed - that's why our number is 888-888-8888

When you need a touch of class to your home, look no further than our team at Lexington Concrete. We offer everything from resurfacing and finishing touches on patios or driveways all the way up through new installations for pool decks that will turn any property into something fitting enough so as not only show off its beauty but also make it feel like yours too!

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Your concrete needs are our specialty. You can rest assured that with decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we'll deliver the perfect job for you!

Lexington specialize in residential properties including pool deck resurfacing or just bought an RV? No problem--we have extensive knowledge as well providing accurate installation so your investment lasts longer than expected . Our goal is not only performance but also durability which means taking into consideration what kind weather conditions it will be exposed under while ensuring strength remains durable through all types temperature changes - even extreme ones like freezing cold winters

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You deserve to have the best for your home, which is why we use only proven and successful methods. Our concrete services will provide you with excellent work that lasts decades so it can be passed down through generations!

A lot goes into making an awesome project: creativity but also budget constraints or time limits on deadlines - no matter what type of material they're working within there's always some sort if customizing needed just because each project differentiates itself by its own set requirements... But never fear; The experts at this company are here help make sure all needs meet their standards before going ahead.

Concrete Sealing

When you choose our contractors, we only use the best concrete sealers to help your property last longer. Our technicians have decades of experience and will provide a perfect application for any needs that arise in residential properties. Sealers are an efficient and effective solution for ensuring the longevity of your property investment and by using our services you will benefit from our wealth of knowledge for accurate application

Concrete cutting

When you need to make some adjustments on your property, Concrete cutting is something for which you should hire a professional. Instead of hiring a contractor that uses traditional methods that can cause piles of dust and mess all around your property, you can avoid these issues by hiring Lexington Concrete. We have a wealth of experience and a breadth of knowledge in cutting concrete and we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that you property is free from dust and dirt from concrete cutting.


Your driveway and patio are an important part of the property that should be regularly maintained. Our team can provide you with exceptional craftsmanship at a reasonable price, ensuring their durability for decades to come so your home continues having significant curb appeal even after installation! Concrete is one popular choice among many benefits including its strength in against cracks or fissures when installed accurately by us here at

concrete stamping

If you're looking for an affordable way to upgrade your walkways, patios, and driveways then concrete is the perfect material. We can customize it in many different ways including stamping or coloring so that each project reflects personal design vision just as much if not more than any other materials out there today! At Lexington Concrete our highly skilled team provides high-quality workmanship using only top-grade products which will last decades before needing another update - providing stylized results tailored specifically around YOUR needs no matter how unique they might seem at first glance

pool deck resurfacing

The biggest problem with pool decks is that they are often overlooked. They need regular maintenance and repairs to avoid dangerous accidents, as well as restoring the damage from wear-and-tear which has taken its toll on your surface over time. We apply one of America’s best concrete coatings so you can have an unsightly area gone shortly after hiring us for help!

rv pads

Beautiful Kentucky horse country is the RV and horse trailer mecca for equestrians! If you have ever wondered how much it costs to pour an RV/trailer pad, rest assured, we have the expertise to help you get that job done. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your RV/trailer is being stored safely and securely on your property. Give us a call and we can give you a FREE estimate for your concrete pad job.

“We are so pleased with the design of our new driveway. It’s not only unique but also functional and easy to maintain! We loved being able to create a custom layout that fits what we need without any surprises or hidden costs along the way - it was fantastic." – Parker M

“When you are looking for a business to take care of your concrete needs, there is no better company than Lexington Concrete. We had them come out and give us several different styles so we could find one that suited exactly what our home needed!” – Linda M.

“The kids are finally able to play outside near the pool without worrying about their safety. We had our deck resurfaced and it's been such a relief! The guys from Lexington did great work, they were very professional throughout this process.". – Margaret S.

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​Please call Lexington Concrete today for a free consultation and estimate on your concrete needs. We are the best in town when it comes to customer service, rapid responses, quality workmanship--and most of all peace-of-mind that you'll be getting professional support throughout every step of installation!